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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 11, 2013, 6:11 PM

Wow!Its been a while since i wrote in my journal here.Just wanted to let everyone know that all my stuff in storage is back on DA.Its copyrighted stuff but its the majority of  the artwork i did on photoshop and since its been what feels like eons since i made something new i thought i would put it back up...maybe it'll inspire me to start photoshopping again....Enjoy!

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Something for everyone..

Sat May 14, 2011, 6:17 AM
Hi everyone!

Its been ages since i posted anything on my journal.Work is good but keeps it me really busy and the 4 hour daily travels saps me of all energy :(As luck would have it I finally got a back to back 4 day off so i thought id pop in and say hi XD

Recently i've been trying to work on Adobe illustrator(damn hard after 6 years of photo shopping i tell you!) and have been foraging for good vectors to use for some poster work i have to do(for work again..sad.. i know).Free vectors are hard to find and since i came across some incredible stuff on DA and outside it i thought i'd share it with you lot coz resources are something you can NEVER have enough of :nod:

Another thing id like to address here is ...asking for points!People.. stop doing it!My entire profile is filled with requests...every single day i come here someone is asking me for not the Sultan of Brunei you know!And while i hate turning down peoples requests i honestly have no more points to give anyone!Sorry if it sounds rude but i have to draw the line somewhere :(

Anyways,here are the resources i collected.
Have fun using them,


This is an awesome site with FREE vector art..all you have to do is sign up!


An amazing blog written by Chris spooner...loads of goodies and tutorials ..a must bookmark!

Some incredibly neat and highly useful FREE resources by DA users:

Look UP FREE set by jdDoodles by :iconjddoodles:
Designers Icons by EAMejia by :iconeamejia:
Coffee cup Resource by nurutheone by :iconnurutheone:
stiker PSD by TLMedia by :icontlmedia:
Doodles and Script Vector Img by Saerina by :iconsaerina:
Ardcor's Documents + Letters by ardcor by :iconardcor:
notes and pins by masseva by :iconmasseva:
Empty book cover by r-land by :iconr-land:
Voodoo doll Box by illushane by :iconillushane:
Flask icons maker by illushane by :iconillushane:
Forensics PNG 1 :Chemistry-DNA by Machii-csi by :iconmachii-csi:
Wood Pattern 4 by Sed-rah-Stock by :iconsed-rah-stock:

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 6, 2011, 2:10 AM
I know a lot of you doubted whether i'll actually go ahead and put the majority of my deviations in storage...hell so was i!
But i hardened my heart and did it today..:tears:

So arrivederci,sayonara,au revoir and ciao!

Thanks for loving these artworks of mine and for the many :+fav:s and lovely comments everyone left me!I hope you'll find it in your heart to like my other works as much as you did these...:please:

If you haven't gone ahead and saved these to your system and want to use them as wallpapers or on forums leave me a note.

Have a lovely weekend

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Tired but happy

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 26, 2011, 9:27 PM
First week at work was exhausting and awesome at the same time.Exhausting not because of the workload(which is fairly meager at this time) but because of the travelling!i have to take 2 trains and a bus to get there so thats 2 hours to get to work and another 2 to get back home..phew!No energy left to do anything but come home,eat dinner and snooze :yawn:
So you'll be seeing very few,if any,manips from me since they need a lot of free time that i can't afford any more..:(
When  i find more time(next weekend maybe) i'll put my deviations in storage like i promised but until then they're out there to grab :love:
As for the icon contest that nobody is interested in,I've lost interest too so its off for now.what can i say?apparently people don't want premium membership...

Anyways hope you have nice a weekend while i finish my sleep quota :)

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Please Read:Time for happy dance and Imp Notice!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 18, 2011, 4:59 AM
Sending My Love by brandrificus

Happy Dance Time:
:w00t:So i cleared the interview for the job/internship and start working monday!yayyyyyy!It doesn't pay but  i hadn't expected it harm no foul.oh..shit..background..right
As you know by now I'm applying for PhD to the US.Since ive been jobless so far i need work experience..badly!not only for my application but for the sake of sanity!Im losing it sitting at home for the last 6months!I came to know of a scientist who needed  trainees for upto 6months and so i went for an interview which went quite well if i do say so myself. But then i didn't hear from him for like 2 weeks...and just when i gave up all hope..tada!
So im in a chipper mood acceptance from a university would be icing on the cake but you can't always have it all!

Anyway,my card finally started working and i bought membership!:dance: AND points= Be warned Deviants theres some loveeee coming your way!:dalove:

QUESTION: Doesn't ANYONE want membership out there???If you do.. go read THIS!

Important Notice:

Since the incidence at :icondavids-place: Ive been plagued by the dilemma of keeping all my copyrighted TV art on :devart: and ive come to the conclusion that im putting it in storage.It isn't worth it to wait for someone to tell you off for something you're aware of and clearly neglecting to comply with.Im now branching off into providing authentic resources and making photo-manipulations with actual stock.Im not doing this because im scared of the consequences of discovery but because i agree with DA on this one..would you want someone to make stuff from your art?i doubt it..anyways for those who want to use my work on forums etc ill be leaving it on for a week from today after which it all goes into storage.I might transfer it to my LiveJournal account later but i honestly cant say when ill get the time..

Anyhoo...Features today are some nifty things for members with premium membership.Might be useful for someone who recently went from ~ to *(read :iconel-i-or:)

DB3 - Sleep Deprived by SparkLum Widget by SparkLum

Custom box background tutorial by Indae

and the gorgeous thumbnail snapshot at the top of the journal is by :iconbrandrificus:..Go check it out!:love:

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Happy Valentines Day Contest

Mon Feb 14, 2011, 11:32 AM
Just wanted to shout a big happy valentines day to all you lovely people!Hope you have a very special day with your loved ones.:love:

And to celebrate Im not only extending my own subscription but also offering one to anyone who can make me an icon for DA use.
Why can't I make myself an icon you ask > Because im moving away from TV show blends and collages into photomanipulation,since use of said "blends" are against DA policy.I have no skill with making animation or drawings and therefore came up with the brilliant idea to give a 3 month subscription for an awesome icon :D.

The rules are simple.
:bulletpink:Icon should be 100x100 and comply with DA policy
:bulletpink:Must contain a celtic knot..there are plenty so don't get stuck on triquetras(which are cool btw)!
:bulletpink:Id love to see an element that is magical-glow,sparkles..whatever!
:bulletpink:A faerie or elf or magical creature-if it fits!Its not necessary to include these elements because theres only so much that fits into a 100x100 icon! but be imaginatve and go celtic   because i love magic!
:bulletpink: Can be still or animated or hand drawn..i'm really sorry but no anime...its not my thing...apart from this i have no what you do best :D

Send me a note if you're interested or have any doubts...Ill give a weeks time to all those who choose to participate :)Even if i don't pick your work you'll surely get a llama from me :hug:

Spread the love!

Here's a few Valentine themed works :)
Digital work:Be My Valentine by Eibography
Photography:Lovers. by nairafee
Skin:.:Sepia Hearts by ginkgografix
Stock:Object Pack - Lovu Lovu by MouritsaDA-Stock
Textures:10 seamless valentine patterns by Divenadesign

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 12, 2011, 8:30 AM
Another day checking my FB profile when i see a message(not friends request) from some random cheap guy,asking me to be friends with him.When i declined politely saying im a private person and don't add strangers,he asked me to privatize with him?...eugh!and then when i told him off for using cheesy lines the jerk wrote back saying stuff that is just not worth repeating.. it is SO vile!FYI it was sexually explicit which makes me :sick:
I reported and blocked him of course and changed my privacy settings but it ruined my mood!damn!

Anyway,I'd really like to thank :iconlokiev: for all his help with my first photomanipulation :) The edited version is here…

Here are this week's features:

:thumb191902923: Practicing Magic by RinTau Magic II by Sugargrl14

Have a great weekend :love:

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Not my day...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 9, 2011, 10:19 AM

Got my first response from a university for a PhD admit...and i wasn't accepted into the course...
last week i was so hopeful of an admission and a job and this week...nothing...nada...zilch
So depressing!i hate being depressed...damn it!Hence no feature...
Oh well...Im no crybaby :sniff:but the its too much of nothing im gonna go cry some :tears:

Lets see if someone reads this for a change


CSS by :iconkuschelirmel-stock:
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Thank you!Merci!Gracias!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 8, 2011, 12:12 AM

I had just finished replying to all the comments and :+fav:s on my work when i looked up and holy crap!i made a 1000 page views in 3 months!(thats how long i've been active on deviantart).

So thank you's are in order to all the lovely people who appreciated my works!:w00t:

Also check out my new Deviant ID and gallery icons made by yours truly!

Heres a nifty tut for the uber cool post its...have fun making them!

and here are my new favorite stamps :thumb90245101: by :iconuchiha-tracker:I luff chocolate by prosaix by :iconprosaix:


Check out these excellent artworks by :iconjeminabox: and :iconkevinleedrum: respectively...
Damon-Elena Progress Animation by jeminaboxBishop's Fire by kevinleedrum

CSS by :iconkuschelirmel:
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For Someone in Need

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 4, 2011, 11:44 AM

Please help out a fellow artist who is in dire need of monetary help.She has a lot on her plate and very little help.Donation of points or even a feature on your journal could really help her out.
Do your good deed for the day and read more about it here

Also have a look at some wonderful graphite works by lovely artists...


Michael Trevino 7 by El-i-or Hands in Graphite by kaytii:thumb82023727:

CSS by :iconkuschelirmel:
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Does anyone read this?

Fri Jan 28, 2011, 5:43 PM
So my applications are finally completed and sent!:w00t:and now i have to look for a job..boring!
Anyways between then and now i have some time on my hands and am finally starting on all those unfinished .psd's that i had regretfully shelved.So look forward to a lot of icons and a couple of wallpapers!
In my celebratory mood i've decorated my gallery with CSS by some wonderful artists!Go check it out!

Journal CSS by :iconkuschelirmel-stock:

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Is it just me....?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 18, 2011, 10:09 AM
Just saw Kristen Stewart's latest Vogue interview and photoshoot.Its crazy how her open mouth has YET AGAIN ruined beautiful photographs!I have nothing against her personally and shes really pretty and a good actress to boot especially in non-twilight movies(see Speak ) but honestly every single time I see that open mouth it ANNOYS ME!

Who agrees with me?

PS: Despite the open mouth this picture is gorgeous...

PPS:KS fans please don't kill me :fear: hehe

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For Owl Lovers

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 12, 2011, 2:30 PM

For all people who love owls..snow,barn,weird cartoony... whatever variety...i have good news!
I found this blog about owls and they have the most amazing things on there...rugs and decorations and best of all..AN OWL CALENDER!and you can customize it...wheeeeeee!

Go and get it!---->My Owl Barn
oh and while you're at it..have a lookie at the squishy owl above by :iconkikariz:

OMG!OMG!OMG!Look at owl COMIC called OWLY!choo cutee...OWLY

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Random Rants 2:Happier Days

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 12, 2011, 12:12 AM

So Ive finally managed to send out the first applications to the US just in time-hurrah!!God bless UPS for pick up services!Phew
So now onto the next set of oh man im exhausted from all the form filling!
Anyways ive been too engrossed in this crap to make anything on PS...all my PSDs are lying around half done :(
onto other news- i came across this awesome Vampire Diaries sketch on DA by :iconel-i-or: that i must share...Lockwood v.s. Lockwood by huh?why did they kill hot mason again?

ah one day i will post something new on DA..but until then..whats up with YOU?

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Random Rants 1:Grad School Applications

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 5, 2011, 7:35 PM

Im sorry but im going to rant now...A LOT.
You would think applying to a university is a matter of a few days..maybe weeks.nayyyy it takes MONTHS!
stupid stupid stooopid universities in the US need 10 billion things from a student and its not like they mention it on their front page...ohhhh no...that would be too easy.Noooo... they hide it!
They hide it amongst all the other garbage so that each time you go to confirm your checklist you find a new item!
For example,this one university(i wont name names..)asks you to write a single statement of purpose but when i went to apply online they split that 1 SOP into 4 sub headings so that I have to rethink the whole thing again for the 100th time!
And with my deadlines soon approaching Im NOT finding it funny!It almost makes me not want to apply!

phew...done ranting.
So whats your story?

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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 4, 2011, 2:06 PM


Just wanted to write something using a skin!i can use them coz i bought membership!
*does happy dance*
ooh ooh and the gorgeous skin is by :icontwiggyteeluck:

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